TEDD Presents to The Conservative Party Conference
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Posted On: October 6, 2022

TEDD Presents to The Conservative Party Conference

Tidal Energy & Defence Developments recently presented at an ancillary event at The Conservative Party Conference. Originaly formed in 2014, TEDD is now backed by Environmental Incubator, 350 PPM Ltd. Highlights include:

  • UK’s West Coast Has Second Largest Tidal Range In The World
  • 18 GW Planned Resulting in 30 GWh’s of Electricity Generation and 24 Million CO2e Emission Reductions Per Annum
  • 120 Year Lifetime of Projects – The Rance Project in France, built in the 60’s, is now generating electrity at a cost of €0.50 Per MWh
  • On 50 Year Bond Maturity, Tidal is now cheaper than Wind and absolutely predictable
  • With Projects down the West Coast, collectively, we can provide 24 Hour Baseload

To access the complete presentation, please click below:

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