TEDD Group

Problems that TEDD can solve

Electricity Prices

Monthly average electricity prices based on day-ahead baseload contracts in Great Britain from January 2015 to March 2022 (in GB£ per MWh) can be seen below:

TEDD projects require electricity prices minimums of between £90 - £120 MWh to provide projected return to constructing entities of 13% IRR unlevered. Current energy prices across Europe can be accessed below:

Global Warming

Global Warming is not stopping. TEDD's projects will help in fighting global warming. The chart below details the rise in levels of CO2 since 1960. Increases in CO2e (equivalent and other greenhouse gases are thought to be rising at a similar rate).

Sea Level Rise – The Rate of Increase is Increasing

NASA has forecast a range of scenarios for sea level rise over the next 130 years:

Level change for SSP scenarios resulting from processes in whose projection there is medium confidence. Two low-confidence scenarios, indicating the potential effect of low-likelihood, high-impact ice sheet processes that cannot be ruled out, are also provided. Shaded ranges show the 17th-83rd percentile ranges. Projections are relative to a 1995-2014 baseline. The plot below shows the projection and uncertainties for 'Total Sea Level Change'.