Crown Estate Scotland launches wave, tidal survey – reNews
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Posted On: August 19, 2023

Crown Estate Scotland launches wave, tidal survey – reNews

An in-depth survey of developers working in the tidal and wave energy sectors is to be carried out by ORE Catapult on behalf of Crown Estate Scotland.

Views and ideas will be sought from a range of developers who are working to produce and bring to market the next generation of wave and tidal technologies.

This information will help inform Crown Estate Scotland’s plans to support future leasing.

Crown Estate Scotland works closely with companies, government, and local communities to facilitate appropriate tidal and wave energy developments.

This involves funding research to support growth and innovation in this vital area of renewable energy, investing in projects – such as the MeyGen tidal development in the Pentland Firth.

It also aims to bring new development opportunities to market by leasing areas of the seabed and managing the associated seabed rights. 

Leases for tidal stream and wave energy projects of up to 30MW are currently awarded on an ad-hoc basis, with each considered on individual merit against the evaluation criteria.

This approach to leasing has been in operation since Crown Estate Scotland was formed in 2017.

Over recent years, there have been significant developments in the renewable energy sector, including ring-fenced support for tidal energy projects in the Contracts for Difference Allocation Rounds 4 and 5, and the recently published draft Scottish Government Energy Strategy and Just Transition Plan which details ongoing support for growth of the tidal and wave sectors.

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